The Right Online Marketing Mix

The goal of online promotion is to have individuals, who are looking for your products and services, find you in a timely manner – like right NOW.


The RIGHT kind of website traffic varies from one organization to the next. The primary objective is to develop a customized Online Marketing program suited to your specific organizational needs.


Your Internet Branding Strategy should determine what Online Marketing Mix would best satisfy your investment goals and communication objectives.


We offer a FREE assessment of your current Online Marketing program and review how it is aligned for your industry.


Get The Right Kind of Traffic

Your Customer is Actively Searching for You

Internet Marketing, both natural and paid, provides you with valuable exposure from both search engines and online social engagement. The big questions are;

• Of the online promotional options available, which ones should be part of your portfolio?

• In what proportions?

The answers to these questions come from a properly constructed Internet Branding Strategy.

The promotional mix comes from a combination of the following options;

Organic Optimization - SEO

SEO takes skill, experience, and knowhow, especially to maintain those high natural rankings over time. It normally takes 3 to 6 months after setup to fully realize the benefits from this endeavor with best practices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should set-up a website and place an ongoing effort towards obtaining high natural rankings for specific search terms at the major search engines.

Pay Per Click

Proper keyword selection along with geographic boundaries ensures a cost-effective program is achieved. PPC can compliment your organic optimization program for specific keywords or search terms that are difficult to obtain naturally. There are many strategies available to you including extending your ads to third party websites affiliated with the major search engine you advertise on, namely Google.

Paid ads with hyper-links are displayed on specific result pages at major search engines. Results are immediate and you only pay when your ad is clicked on, hence the term Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Social Media

Social Media is a great compliment to your optimization program. Visitors are attracted through various topics and can easily convert them because of their desire to gain information through a social exchange.

Social Media requires participating in different networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There are many more. The idea is to build brand awareness through online networking.

Informing your customer base and prospects on a regular basis about your products and services through a series of email newsletters and periodic notices that focus on industry topics, areas of interest, unique solutions and specific product promotions. It is best to segment your database so that it matches your target market groups.

This activity is common referred to as “Drip Marketing”.

Video’s are a great way to communicate aspects of your organization through story telling. The story could be an overview of your organization or a specific solution you created or a product demonstration and installation. You can create a You Tube channel where your video’s can be found by interested people who are searching for specific items of interest. The traffic generated can be considered a separate stream and requires directed conversion attention.
Banner or Tile Ads are strategically placed on national portal sites ( or local portal sites (i.e. and bring visitors to your website via a hyper-link. There are a variety of pricing options. Furthermore, these portal websites could be affiliate partners with Google and are accessible through the AdSense program that can be matched to recent searches or websites visited – as long as the browser history is available.
Category product and/or service pages provide your organization with a listing that connects Internet users to your website with a hyper-link. These category pages are commonly found at directory websites, Association or Industry websites. Furthermore, Social Media has grown rapidly in the last few years providing a multitude of venues that have, in effect, replaced the venues many directory websites use to fulfill and have pulled people from these websites.


Have the professionals at Topity conduct an assessment of your online advertising mix to ensure you are getting optional results.