Improving Internet Marketing Results

Direct sales are always the primary objective however, the next best action is a qualified lead. As professionals, we are always working to improve the quality and quantity of leads coming to an organization from their Internet Marketing activities.

The first step towards improving the quality and quantity of your leads is to measure them accurately.

The two primary ways are through phone calls and contact forms. Contact form leads are straight forward to track and Topity offers complete phone call tracking services.

Tracking phone calls properly can provide critical information on what marketing programs are producing results.

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Fine Tuning Internet Marketing Programs

If you learn that a specific stream of traffic is delivering more quality and/or quantity of leads from a specific Target Market Group, then you can put more energy into that program. The natural tendency is to bring more of your efforts, and budget, to bear on successful combinations.

You can take this one step further and go after other similar streams of traffic from other sources, if the logic is in your favour.

The alternative is also true. If your program is generating leads and these leads are not of good quality and/or quantity, then you must decide if these resources could be put to better use.

Topity professionals can help you determine where to place your resources for generating the most leads & maximizing ROI.

Increasing Conversion with Conversion Funnel Analysis

Conversion Path

The intent of a goal funnel is to isolate a series of web pages your visitor must take to realize a goal. This is typically called a conversion path.

In most cases, achieving your conversion goals means that users move through your website in a predetermined manner. Tracking their movement will allow you to make adjustments that improve conversion results.

Analytics Programs

Analytics programs allow you to place the web pages from your conversion path into a goal funnel. Statistics from each page in the funnel will show you the number of people who reached the goal, if they departed and where they went. You will know the numbers and percentage of visitors who move through the conversion steps you have defined in the funnel.

Analyzing the goal funnel analytics can lead to website adjustments that will increase your conversion rates.

Analyzing Goal Funnel Data

Tracking your goals properly will allow for better decision making about changes to improve results. High exit rates on any goal funnel page are a clear indication that you need to evaluate that web page to ascertain what is causing the high level of departures. It indicates where testing should be conducted in order to improve effectiveness.

Topity professionals are experts at goal funnel analysis and making adjustments that create more inquiries, leads and sales for our clients.

Creating a Goal Funnel

The first step to creating a goal funnel in an analytics program is knowing what your goals are. Next you identify a conversion path and place these web pages into a goal funnel. You can have more than one goal funnel.

Developing a Quality Link Building Campaign requires specific strategies that meshes with your organization and industry. Your Internet Branding Strategy provides great direction in this area.

Funnels Provide Conversion Information

• Total Conversions.
• Conversion Rate.
• Goal Verification Path.
• Funnel Visualization – Vertical.
• Number of visits to each step in the funnel.
• The % of visits that continued to the next step.
• Where exiting visitors went.
• Horizontal Funnel for Advanced Segmentation
• Goal Value: the Monetary Value of the goal achieved

Ask the Professionals at Topity to Assess of your Conversion Funnels for Maximizing Results.