Evaluating Activity

Once your website has been built, the big question is, “What is it doing for you?” Naturally, we want to achieve both your online investment goals and communication objectives in order to maximize results.


How is this done? The first step is to accurately track your activity in order to facilitate Data Driven Decision making, which is an unbiased method used to maximize ROI.


Maximizing ROI is the key to achieving your investment goals and converting the Interest of website visitors into Action is the major driving force behind ROI.


We offer a FREE assessment of your tracking programs to make sure these are accurately measuring your online activity for unbiased decision making.

Tracking Assessment

Combining Analytics & Lead Management Data

Investment goals usually focus on whatever adds to your financial wellbeing (i.e. completing a sale, expanding the awareness of products & services, etc.).

For many organizations, gaining a well qualified new business opportunity is an important step towards their success and financial wellbeing.

Match Leads to their Source

Once you are sure that all of your leads are being tracking accurately, the next step is to match leads with your analytics data and determine what keywords and programs are making the biggest contributions to your lead count and quality. You can take this to the next level, and track which leads are actually converting into sales.

Evaluating the Conversion Path

This is the purpose of a Goal Funnel, to measure the effectiveness of your planned conversion path. Topity professionals are experts at dealing with Goal Funnels, setting them up and evaluating the results. This is a great tool built into most Analytics packages that enables a complete investigation of your conversion process. Ask the professionals at Topity to help you gain the most from this valuable evaluation tool.

Properly Track Phone Call Leads

Being able to track phone call leads from organic or paid search programs allows you to determine the exact ROI for each program. We combine software with specific toll free or local phone numbers along with a full complement of reporting data, all at phenomenal prices.

Test Different Elements

Once you identify a problem area, the problem being a low conversion rate, the next step is to conduct testing. A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing are tools available in analytics programs that facilitate testing. Once again the professionals at Topity are experts at using these testing tools and evaluating correctly the data they produce to help you raise your online performance.

In-Depth Evaluations Ensure Continual ROI Improvements

We produce in-depth reviews on website traffic, keyword rankings, and top landing pages. Using Data Driven Decision Making we make specific recommendations to improve results. Ongoing evaluations let you to compare results from different time periods and determine if long-term objectives from your online marketing campaigns are being achieved.

Have the professionals at Topity review your measuring and tracking programs to ensure proper measurement of online activity is occurring.