Paid Online Advertising

The main benefit from Paid Online Advertising is immediate results. This ability to drive traffic to your website right away is a great compliment to your organic optimization efforts, which can take time to fully achieve results.

pay per click

Paid ads with hyper-links are displayed on specific keyword results pages at search engines or third party sites that allow for sponsored advertising.


When Internet Users click on your paid ad and go to your website (this action is termed a click-through) a fee is charged. Pay Per Click advertising is the most common form of paid advertising and is referred to as paid search.


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PPC or Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Paid search or Pay-Per-Click marketing is quite straightforward. You register with a search engine, like Google, and submit a list of search terms that you consider desirable in combination with specific ads. Your ad, along with a hyper link, is given a prominent placement on the page associated with your selected keywords under the title ‘Sponsored Links’.

Paid search links (Ads) tend to be clicked by consumers who have an immediate need for the products and services they are searching for RIGHT NOW.

When Internet Users click on your ad and go to your website (click-through) a fee is charged to your account. You can set the total ad budget in advance and when this budget figure is reached, your ads are removed from the search engine. An account needs to be established for each search engine that you advertise on, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.


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PPC Program Advantages

Pay Per Click Marketing offers you many advatages and the primary ones are listed below. It can compliment your organic optimization program by taking advantage of search terms that are difficult to obtain naturally. Ultimately, there are many strategies to choose from.

Immediate Results

A Pay Per Click program will produce immediate results from the moment your campaign is enacted to the time your ad budget is expensed.

Targeted Results

With PPC at search engines, you can bid on keyword phrases relevant to your target market. The geographic reach is also a factor that you can precisely control.

Schedule Flexibility

Even though PPC marketing campaigns are managed on a monthly basis, you can determine which days and at what times your ads are displayed.

No Fixed Cost

You decide on a daily basis the budget available for your Pay Per Click marketing campaign. Simply put, the higher your budget, the more response you will receive.

Extend Ads Over Content Network

Google allows you to extend your ads to other websites for topics related to your keywords. You also have the option of using a tile ad and gain a broader reach beyond your normal keyword list.
pay per click

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