Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic Optimization (SEO) can ONLY influence how the search engines produce search results and you want that influence to be positive. As a result, you must consider the ethical manner in which your organic optimization activity is being conducted.


Conducting research on desirable search terms will point you in the right direction, but to gain results requires a solid understanding of the industry marketplace and developing specific Internet Branding Initiatives that can achieve strategy determined objectives.


Most importantly, understanding how to connect with your target market groups will dictate the level of success.

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SEO – Organic Optimization Benefits

Being listed at the top of search engine results provides the greatest amount of relevant website traffic AND instills trust in the user before going to a website.

Coming up naturally at the top of search results means the website is considered to be relevant and important by search engines for the keywords being searched.

SEO is meant to influence website relevance & importance in order to produce the highest natural search engine rankings.

SEO Relevance = How search engine friendly is your Website?

Website relevance is determined by its ability to be read by search engines for a specific group of keywords or search terms.

On-Page Optimization

Keyword Targeting
Page Title Tags
Header Tags
Substantive & Unique Content
Image Alt Text
Meta Descriptions

Site Architecture

Content Organization
Primary navigation
URL Address
Page Name
Broken Links; Internal & External
Duplicate Content
Canonical Redirects
Site Errors

A Structural Audit reviews On-Page Optimization & Site Architecture factors within the context of specific keywords and search terms.


SEO Assessment

SEO Importance = How popular is your Website?

Since the late 1990’s search engines have used links as votes to represent the democracy of the web’s opinion to determine how important, or in our terminology, how popular a web page is.

Link Sharing

Guides & Resources
Research Papers
Case Studies

Content Generation

Writing Testimonials
Industry Oriented Articles
Educational Content
Free Charts & Graphs
Get Interviewed
Guest Posting

Building Social Relationships

Social Media Linking on Twitter, Google+, facebook,
Develop Relationships by Participating One-on-One
Forum posting
Industry directory
Leverage Communication Opportunities

Foundation & Site Improvement

Foundation: Resources & Links pages
Foundation: Create RSS feed
Foundation: Directory Submissions
Site Improvement: Filling Contnet Gaps
Site Improvement: Update Old Content

Search engines determine importance based on mathematical “algorithms” that evaluate many “ranking factors”.


A key ranking factor used for website popularity are the number and quality of links pointing to a web page.


SEO Assessment


Balancing Quality and Quantity is the big issue facing most SEO Link Building Programs today.


Developing a Quality Link Building Campaign requires specific strategies that mesh with your organization and industry. Your Internet Branding Strategy provides great direction in this area.


Having links that are not relevant, or of poor quality, can be detrimental to optimization efforts because these links create penalties and search engines will discount information held at the website.

quality vs quantity

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