Social Media Marketing

Today, Search Engine Marketing elements are blended with Social Media in order to achieve optimal results. We help you determine the appropriate marketing mix of social media increase website traffic form your Target Market Groups.


Social Media is a tool that covers activities related to online social interaction, allowing you to share content, images, videos, audio and participate in discussion boards. All this adds up to more online exposure.


Furthermore, Social Activity can influence search engine rankings when genuine Social Signals are created.


Social Media Review

Social Media Programs

Our Social Media Programs allow you to select the level of professional support you need to be assured that your business and brand are continuously ‘building’ and ‘boosting’ online networking to increase your customer base through social activity.

Most people have the tendency to buy a brand recommend by others. Getting influencers to participate in your Social Program can play a major role in their buying process.

Social Activity leads to increased online awareness of your brand. If your message reaches an interested audience, they will spread your message to other people quickly and effectively.


Social Media Programs can be run alongside traditional advertising and marketing programs, adding another layer of involvement to your efforts.

Digital Identity & Branding

Social media places power with consumers. As such, organizations want to engage customers through listening and learning about their customers wants, needs and opinions. Positive community responsibility and brand accountability are crucial in this process.

It is essential to manage what consumers report about the business in their social networks, and then use that knowledge to steer the brand’s digital identity.

Digital Monitoring and Brand Mgmt

We utilize digital monitoring tactics to track what people are saying about your organization throughout the Internet. Tracking gives you control of your online branding activities and must encourage customer loyalty to your brand.

Understanding and using opinion reports and consumer conversations about the organization will allow you to address and promptly treat any negative content.

Chatter Management

Organizations and social media experts recognize that conversations about brands occur in real time on social networks. Timely and network-specific strategies and disciplined objectivity are crucial to this task. Social network marketing specialists customize appropriate and responsible chatter management for organizations across the spectrum of the Internet.

The constant virtual conversation makes it imperative that organizations manage all social messaging regarding their brand, products, services and their organization itself.

Profile Management
Personal Engagement
  • Engage with fans or followers
  • 10 Quality Posts every month
  • Strategic Consulting

Profile Management
Personal Engagement
  • Engage with fans or followers
  • 15 Quality Posts every month
  • Strategic Consulting

Premium Brand
Profile Management
Personal Engagement
  • Engage with fans or followers
  • 20 Quality Posts per month
  • Strategic Consulting

Additional Social Media Services

Engagement Through Promotions

Web-based consumers interact with organizations through social networks because they receive some tangible value from doing so. Improving your social media presence and online branding will appeal to these customers. Offering promotions to this segment of your customer base will be positively received and appreciated because they gain a benefit in addition to their enjoyment of conducting online communication engagements.

Our Social Media Experts can help you develop and implement high-engagement promotions and interactions that can send network connections skyrocketing.

Targeted Campaigns

Building a successful Twitter or Facebook campaign for your online presences relies on knowledge of the target consumers for the brand. E-commerce social marketing specialists use their experience in these tasks to create and manage successful Twitter and Facebook campaigns that engage the target audience.

With the right knowledge combined with the right network, you can learn to cater to the unique dynamics of the online environment.

Social Media Branding

We use Social Media to improve the online visibility of your brand. In the process, relevant and authentic content is critical to the branding process. It is best to start with a solid base of content at your website and continually add content to your blog. Internet audiences tend to share content they find relevant and valuable to others within their social networks.

Content Used for Social Activities:

• Website
• Press Releases
• Articles
• Blogs
• Video’s
• Infographics

Topity takes a balanced approach to Social Media and we often blend it with Organic Optimization because they both share much of the same content.


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