Raising Your Online Performance

Your Internet Branding Strategy is the BEST Guarantee for Raising Performance.

Our end goal is to develop a Website and Internet Marketing Program that achieves both your investment goals and communication objectives.

A well constructed strategy is the best insurance you can get for converting visitors, who arrive at your website through Internet Marketing efforts, into customers.


At Topity, we strive to create websites and conduct online communications with Solid Messaging and Smart Information Access.

We use Internet Marketing to attract Target Market Groups to your website and properly address their request for information and convert them using a customized Internet Branding Strategy.

This Internet Branding Strategy will maximize ROI and build up your brand by strengthening search engine rankings and widening your Social engagement.

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Solid Messaging & Smart Information Access

Internet Marketing achieves the GOAL of attracting Target Market Groups to your website, while Internet Branding is used to convert them into new business opportunities.

Internet Marketing

Focuses on attracting qualified traffic to your website, which means people from your Target Market Groups, utilizing both organic and paid forms of online advertising plus Social Media.

The Right Mix of Internet Marketing elements will produce the highest amount of targeted traffic. Your Internet Branding Strategy can help you determine what the RIGHT MIX IS.

Organic Optimization, also referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of structuring a website and applying an ongoing effort to gain high natural rankings for specific keywords and phrases at the major search engines. Maintaining high natural rankings over time takes skill, experience, and know how.

All of these aspects are in abundance at Topity.

Social Media covers all activities around online social interaction, allowing you to share content, images, videos, audio and participate in online discussions. It encourages social visits to your website and is related to other online Internet Marketing activities. Your goal for Social Media must focus on bringing traffic to your website and create a strong online brand.

All this adds up to more online exposure.

Blogs help you gain more exposure online, which ultimately means better search engine rankings especially if you have your own blog site.  You may post blogs at various public Blog Sites to increase visibility. Ask us for our guide to “Writing Blogs for Your Blog and Public Blog Sites” to maximize value.

For optimization purposes you can do both, post a blog to your website and then post it on others.

The main benefit from Pay Per Click or paid adverting is immediate results. You register with a search engine, like Google, and submit a list of search terms that you consider desirable in combination with specific ads.  Your ad, along with a hyper link, is given a prominent placement on the page associated with your search terms under the title ‘Sponsored Links’. With Google you can expand your reach through AdSense and send ads or banners to other third party websites accepting ads from Google.

Internet Branding

Focuses on Solid Messaging and Smart Information Access to engage and convert your Target Market Groups when they visit you online.

Internet Branding helps you develop specific messages for different Target Market Groups that can be used to convert their interest into ACTION once they have found you online.

Conversion oriented websites provide quick and easy access to specific information, promote on-line requests, and convey trust & credibility to your visitors. Consistency is a powerful way to build trust and credibility, while proper headings enhance skimming and scanning to help people find the information they are searching for.

Topity websites are built to convert.

Case Studies and White Papers are the two most common forms of articles. Each has its place as a information tool to provide more information on specific applications or problem solving solutions (Case Studies) and detailed technical elements (White Papers). Other forms can be Product Sheets, Data Sheets and other downloadable pieces of detailed information.

Detailed information can increase conversion.

Having your own Blog Site is another way to let visitors explore information of interest that is specific to their search but may not fit easily into your overall website structure. In addition to Blogs, Press Releases, Events, and certain Articles can be placed in your blog, which should be segmented into sections for optimzation purposes.

Careful consideration must be given for a blog.

Email marketing is a direct method of communicating with people who have shown an interest in your organization as well as your customers. Sent on regular basis, you can share points of view on industry topics, unique product solutions and promotions. Having a segmented database allows you to send broadcast messages to everyone or you can send a message to a specific segment. Having your database segmented by your Target Market Groups can also be beneficial.

Register for our customized webinar that will address the two most important aspects of an effective Internet Branding Strategy; Brand Recognition & Conversion Planning.