Your Website Must Focus On Engagement

At Topity, we are experts at designing websites that perform because they are built to convert website visitor Interest into Action. In other words, they are built to engage.


Engaging websites provide quick and easy access to specific information on products and services, encourage on-line requests, and most importantly convey trust and credibility to your visitors in a manner that promotes conversion.


Solid Messaging and Smart Information Access is a great way to build trust with website visitors.

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Trust & Credibility Leads To Engagement

Developing your site with strong design elements will give your visitors a sense of trust. We start with a pleasing design and strong page layout that allows for quick information access. Titles and sub-titles make skimming and scanning easy for  people to quickly find what they are looking for and view addition information that adds value to their visit.

Website Usability

Basically, the goal for website usability is to make things easy for your website visitor. Think about it, once people arrive at your site, they have to be able to use your website and get to the information they want quickly. Otherwise, your website can be considered a waste of their time.

Making visitors feel their search time is being valued is the right attitude to have when striving for website usability. Naturally, this must be followed by providing the right information.

Website Navigation

When a website behaves in a consistent manner, users don’t have to worry about what will happen next. Instead, your visitors know what will happen based on their previous navigation experience. Here we focus on short labels for the main navigation bar, use appropriate text inside website links and provide users with a text-based site map.

Make it easy for people to move through your website. This might sound redundant, but it is always easier said than done and at Topity, we get it done right!

Consistent Design

The more a design breaks users’ expectations, the more website visitors will feel insecure. Allow visitors to quickly identify what they are looking for and even find additional pieces of information that enhances the value of their visit.

The goal is to create a solid design and utilize a similar page layout throughout your website. Once the page layout is set it will make content easy to skim and scan.

Effective Content

In terms of usability, the key element is to build trust and in this context, we need to provide information that is both appropriate for the navigation path and factual or useful for the user.

In terms of building trust, what better way is there than having effective content, which means providing users the information they are looking for in a clear and concise manner.

Maintaining Consistency

Consistency is one of the most powerful tools for building trust and credibility. Design can provide a strong feeling of consistency. Having a strong page layout and utilizing it from one page to another gives the user a feeling of familiarity as they move about your website.


The more users’ expectations are proven right or the more they gain a feeling of familiarity, the more they will feel in control and the more they will like your website.


Make Visitors Feel That Their Search Time is Being Valued!