Content Is Still King

How can you expect visitors to convert without providing solid content at your website?


When we create content for a website our team takes into consideration, navigation, page layout, responsive design, type of content, as well as the optimization factors required for higher search engine rankings.


There are many types of content and we need to match your message with the right type of content so that it makes to most impact.


Finally, developing content that will provide strong search engine rankings requires taking into consideration navigation, page layout and the desired search terms themselves.


Improve Your Content Strategy

Content That Builds Trust & Credibility

We started by developing a website with a pleasing design and strong page layout. Next we must section up the content with Titles and sub-titles to make skimming and scanning easy for users so they can quickly find the content they are searching for. Having useful and factual information will add value to their visit.


Copywriting for a website requires taking into consideration page layout and navigation in order to deliver the right message to the right target audience. Concrete information blended with an engaging page layout is a powerful combination that can be very persuasive. Page layout, in most cases takes into consideration organic optimization in order to gain the recognition from search engines. You can trust that we are taking all of these factors into consideration when conducting our copywriting services.

Good copy writing is essential because it leads your visitor to take action. We start by providing concrete information and then deliver it in a way that matches page layout.

SEO Content

Search Engine Optimized content takes into consideration your website rankings for specific keywords and phrases. Regardless of the type of content, it must be optimized properly to deliver maximum value to your search engine rankings. The professionals at Topity are experts at developing content that is optimized for search engines and engagement.

Ensuring that ALL of your content is properly structured in a way that maximizes website rankings is part of an Optimization Program that aims to gain the attention of search engines.


The most common forms of articles are case studies and white papers. Attention to branding and a professional look is important.

An online article tends to be longer in length than a blog and holds detailed information. It is a great way to provide detailed information to users that they can download.


We have the personnel and the experience to ensure that your images are right for your message.

The use of photographs, illustrations, graphical icons, charts, or any combination thereof, can go a long way towards emphasizing, enhancing and driving home your message.

Ongoing Content

Over time you will gather a list of people who have shown an interest in your organization. Email newsletters are a great way to re-engage them. Whether the newsletter highlights information about your products and services or tells them about your latest achievements – it needs to grab their attention. Topity offers a complete Email Marketing service that ensures your message is delivered properly and when viewed, gets their attention!
Press Releases are used exclusively to inform the public about your organization. It can be product oriented, target market oriented, or simply about your organization.The idea is that it informs and gets people’s attention, which will ultimately lead them back to your website. A great feature of a press release is the way it can be distributed over the internet for maximum reach. Our optimization programs take full advantage of this communication avenue.
In general, blogs are opinion oriented online conversation pieces. They convey a particular point of view aimed at informing as well as gaining a response. You can think of them as an open ended communication, inviting others to respond. Blogs can be placed at ‘blog sites’ and/or at a blog attached to your website. Blogging helps you gain more exposure at search engines, which ultimately means better search engine rankings especially if you have your own blog.
Viewing forums that naturally attract your target market is a good way to identify items of interest. You may browse article directories, review other products, provide tips and advise or invite guests to share their opinions on a topic. Alternatively, you may inject your own direction as a professional in the industry. Working with Topity professionals will help shed light on the best direction for your article writing to gain maximum exposure online.

Enhanced Content

Enhanced Content can be a great way to effectively communicate your message because they are real attention grabbers.

Usually, this involves adding any of these;

• Audio
• Video
• Animations
• Whiteboards
• Augmented Reality

There are several creative and technical considerations that we review with you in order to help you make the right use of enhanced content.



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