Conversion is where the rubber hits the road. Without converting visitor Interest into Action, your website will have difficulty producing a solid Return on Investment.


To gain website conversion we follow priorities set by the Internet Branding Strategy that are directly related to your financial well being.


We review the flow of traffic and employ as many tools as possible to gain maximum website conversion, as well as conversion from other available sources online.

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Trust & Conversion

Trust is first built by providing information through a consistent page layout. This consistency creates a feeling of familiarity, which builds TRUST with your website visitor and leads to engagement through various Calls to Action.

Conversion Funnels

Without strong conversion funnels, the bounce rate on your homepage (the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing one page) will be high. Reducing your bounce rate is a critical element for online success.

Conversion Funnels aim to grab the attention of your visitor with Clear Core Messages and bring them deeper into your website using a variety of Calls to ACTION.

Sales Funnel

This is a critical time frame because analytic data shows that, on average, you have anywhere from 3 to 8 seconds to grab the attention of your visitor and bring them deeper into your website. The goal of a Sales Funnel is to reduce your bounce rate.

This element of your homepage takes advantage of the first 3 to 8 seconds after a new visitor arrives and they are directed to a summary goal page that attempts to convert them.

Landing Pages

The most common landing page is your homepage. It is the place where most people first encounter your website. On the home page we can use a well developed Sales Funnel to improve conversion. The same principle may be applied to other pages at your website and elsewhere.

Organic website traffic can land on any page of your website. It depends on the pages presented by search engines in their search results. In a well optimized website, the probability of visitors landing on certain pages over others can be anticipated. As a result, we place extra attention on conversion planning for these website pages, ones that have a higher probability of ranking well at the major search engines. Ask us to conduct a review to ensure you are maximizing this area.
Experience has demonstrated that developing well thought out landing pages for your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns will improve conversion. As a result, the ROI from your paid online advertising increases. You can have more than one landing page, usually one for each major ad group. These landing pages can only be reached by visitors who come to your website from search engine ads and aim to convert visitors immediately. Naturally, visitors can go deeper into your website.
Many people forget that a blog article can be the means by which a new person becomes introduced to your organization. As a result you want to make it interesting. Adding a relevant image or diagram can have a big impact. Obviously, having a well written blog with solid information is important but you also want to make sure that your branding gets recognized in the process. In other words, gone are the days of poorly written blogs full of keyword stuffed content for SEO purposes.
Similar to blogs, a social media encounter could be the first contact you make with a new individual. However, social media offers a diverse group of places to connect. Some are more visual while others all are based on comments and interaction. In all cases Brand Recognition needs to be managed properly.

Our Webinar reviews how to maximize social brand recognition.

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Dynamic Information

Functional elements can be simple or complex, such as; photo gallery, events calendar, product gallery and full online shopping. There are many more and all of them provide a better online experience for website visitors, which ultimately leads to more conversions as long as it is well done.

Programming provides users with dynamic information accessed through navigation. Having dynamic information at your finger tips is always an empowering experience.


Gaining direct sales with a cleared financial transaction is the best result, however B2B companies can easily invoice after an order has been entered and properly verified.

Ecommerce is the most powerful conversion tool because it can lead to a direct sale here and now. Ask us how we can help you achieve online sales!


Being successful with your email marketing programs usually translates into more sales, or whatever activity you are aiming to achieve. Just keep in mind that to be effective, email marketing must be done on a regular basis. You simply need to build a list, and adding an email newsletter check box to the mini contact form is all that is required.

Email newsletters are cost effective to deliver and a great way to continue the communication with potential customers, as well as keeping the attention of your current customers.


Once someone is interested, to the point where they want pricing, it becomes critical that you provide a means that they can properly register their interest. Your goal is to make their quote request efficient. You need specific pieces of information, but if you get too detailed then the process becomes a chore. Ask to little and you do not get the information you require.

We help you get this fine balance RIGHT!

In this case, someone is interested but they are unsure of which product to select or what is the best solution for their situation. This means that your request form has to be flexible enough to guide them through a request process when they themselves are unsure. It is important to note that building trust and credibility goes a long way towards getting a lead from an individual who has questions, reservations, or possibly has had previous bad experiences.
Questions regarding products or services are, in most cases, another sign of interest. You can gage the level of interest or relevance by the types of questions being posed. Another interesting aspect about questions is they can lead you to add additional information to your website that will help users elevate their question into a selection or quote request. On the flip side, questions can help you determine if this individual is actually well suited for your products or services.
Requests for additional information may seem simple enough and all qualified requests must be answered promptly otherwise the moment of interest could be lost. The other side is that if people are requesting information that is already on the website indicates that your navigation should be reviewed. Alternatively, multiple request for similar information can indicate that you should be adding it to the website. The main point is that information requests must be given careful consideration.
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Getting Your Website To Perform

Online success can be defined as a website that achieves both your investment goals and communication objectives. We create an Internet Branding Strategy that addresses these two critical aspects and then utilize it as a guide to customize an Internet Marketing program geared for maximum performance.


By sending targeted traffic to a conversion oriented website and tracking every aspect allows us to conduct thorough evaluations for improvement.


This is how we raise your online performance.

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Ask the Professionals at Topity to Assess of your Conversion Tools for maximum performance.